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Susan Walczak

Susan Walczak holds a Horticulture degree with a minor in Landscape Development from the State University of New York in Morrisville, New York. Over her 33 year career span in the Landscape industry, she has worked in every facet of the business from nursery sales to golf course gardener to owner/ operator of her own landscape business which she ran from 1996 until she sold it in 2015.  Let her expertise and proprietary procedures help you to grow!

SYS Staff

The staff at Scotland Yard Solutions is a Who's Who roster of the most experienced people from various disciplines in the North Eastern US Horticulture industry. They have been business owners, or specialists in their respective fields.  They hold various degrees in Horticulture, & Business and have a combined 100 + years experience. From Plant Pathology to Perennial Production, they are seasoned professionals that can solve any landscape mystery and advise any small business owner to help them guide their business in a successful direction. 

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