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Complete Landscape Design Service-   
Professional designs with your business in  mind. Our designs and proposals are custom made for your business 
and make your job of selling, well, much easier! We use your logo and your pricing to create a custom look for
your company's bidding process. We give you a CAD design, a written proposal, a material list and an overhead
scaled sketch, as well as price it all out for you. No one will ever know that you didn't spend hours in the office! All the professionalism, without the payroll cost of on-staff designer and administrative assistant. We are a one stop shop for all things related to running your landscape business. Let us help keep you organized! It's an email-based service for your convenience and it's so simple!
Starting @ 5% commission fee. References available upon request. 

Customer Service, Sales Assistance & Contract Negotiation-

We offer complete packages, from meeting with you & your client at the initial estimate appointment,
designing the job, and then helping you to close the deal.  We can order all your material, coordinate
delivery and handle all the details. We'll even meet with you at the beginning of the project to walk
through the details with your crew leader. It really doesn't get any easier for you! 

Negotiable % commission fees. 

Social Media Management/ Marketing/ Business Development -                         
  Let us help create your brand and promote you! We can manage your online presence for you.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn. Let us help market your brand.
From daily pic posts to timely informative videos, we've got you covered!
Ask about our drone service! 

Process and Efficiency Evaluations-                                                                                                                                                                           

     We can shadow your crews to see where and how you can be saving money! We offer discreet observatory services. Keep more money in yo
ur pocket, we can help identify potential problems and stop them early, before they end up costing you.

Plant & Hardscape Material Salvage Operation-   

Our sister company "Sunshine's Yard Supply" is a thrift - shop styled garden center based in Hamburg, NY that accepts trees,                shrubs, perennials, and hardscape materials from old landscape removals.
We source these products from local landscaping companies, homeowners, and many other various origins.  We separate, clean, re-pot, etc., - whatever it takes to salvage and resell the goods that we get in.  We sell these things to the public at discounted rates. 
We have an in-house  Not -For -Profit foundation that offers charity yard work and home services
which benefit the sick, handicapped and elderly in WNY.
Some of our sales directly benefit this cause. 
Sunshine's Yard Supply, combined with Scotland Yard Solutions offers a "Rip-out" or also called a landscape removal service where we will come out and remove the old landscape for your company at a discounted rate in exchange for the salvageable plant or hardscape material. Depending on the case, we can save you labor costs, dumping fees or just make your life easier by saving you time by creating a blank slate for the landscape installation. Call us to discuss landscape removal services options. 

Employee Training Academy  Coming in March 2024                                                                                                                                 
After this 1- week comprehensive course, you or your new employee will be ready to perform efficiently and without constant supervision. We teach the basics on pruning techniques, spring clean-up procedures, lawn mowing, plant installations and planting techniques, tree planting, as well as small equipment and hand tool use.  We touch on the basics of hardscaping. We can also customize an itinerary for any upcoming special projects that you may have.  There is an additional 3-day course for Business Administration/ Operations offered as well.  Great for new employees or future landscape entrepreneurs!  ($ pricing to be determined)
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